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Asiantool A3M 3-Pole Rotary Electrical Connector

Asiantool A3M 3-Pole Rotary Electrical Connector

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Asiantool A3M Rotary Electrical Connector

Asiantool A3M 3-pole rotating electrical connector (REC or electrical slip ring) is using the special insulation, sealing, and conductive technologies. The out case material is the aluminum alloy or can be stainless steel upon request. It is used for any kind of rotating objects of signals like the micro voltage, current, EMF, thermocouple, strain gauge, audio, video, high frequency, etc. and electric power connections.
Number of Channel 3
Rated Current 2x4A @ 1x30A
Rated Voltage, max 250Vac 250VAC
Operating Temperature Range 30° to 60° C
Maximum Speed, max 1800 rpm
Maximum Frequency 200 MHz
Insulation Resistance >25 Mohm
Rotation Torque 200 gm-cm
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