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Gigavac GH1 3.5kV SPDT HV Relay

Gigavac GH1 3.5kV SPDT HV Relay

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Gigavac GH1 3.5kV SPDT HV Relay(26.5 Vdc Coil Voltage)

Voltage Rating 3.5kV
Rated Voltage (KV Peak) DC or 60Hz 3.5
Max Carry (Amps) DC or 60Hz 25
FORM Single Pole Double Throw
Max. Contact Res. (Ohms) 0.010
Max Operate Time (ms) 6
Max Release Time (ms) 6
Mech Life (cycles) 2 million
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GH1 Model Selection Table

High Voltage/Power Terminal Connections
Coil Voltage* Blank = 26.5 Vdc -12Vdc = 12Vdc -115Vdc = 115Vdc
Coil Voltage
  Gigavac GH1 3.5kV SPDT HV Relay - Drawing VoltShop is no an authorized distributor for GIGAVAC. Gigavac is a registered trademark of Sensata Technologies, Inc.
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