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A GX26CCB GIGAVAC DC contactor is an electrically controlled device designed to switch current on and off. DC contactors control current in DC circuits by closing and opening internal contacts. DC contactors control much lower voltages than AC circuits and offer the benefit of minimal arcing as the circuit opens and closes. DC contactors provide a cost-effective and reliable method to switch current in low-voltage DC circuits. Industries that use our DC contactors include (but are not limited to) agriculture & construction, lawn & garden, marine, mobile hydraulics, heavy trucks, and electric vehicles. DC contactors must be carefully selected with consideration to the expected environmental factors, current levels, and voltage levels of their intended application. The main function of a GX26CCB DC contactor is simply to make and break the connection between the power source and the load. One side of contactor is fixed and the other is movable. Once energized, the generated electromagnetic force pulls the movable contact toward the stationary contact and the spring pulls the contactors apart once de-energized.
Contact SPST-NO
Coil Voltage 24Vdc
Coil Connection wire leads - 38cm/15in
Temp Rating Operating (C) -55 to +85
Carry Current DC Continous 600A
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