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GLVAC AC Vacuum Contactor CKJ11-160/1.5

GLVAC AC Vacuum Contactor CKJ11-160/1.5

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GLVAC AC Vacuum Contactor CKJ11-160/1.5 160A/1.5kV

GLVAC CKJ11-160/1.5 model 160A 1.5kV ac vacuum contactor is a full closed product adopting new technology.  Characteristics of this model can be listed like this:

  • High operating voltage
  • Low circuit resistance
  • Long life
  • Small size
  • Stability & reliability
  • Low pick-up power
  • Easier maintenance than traditional CKJ5 contactors
Vacuum contactor can operate without any arcing. They also have additional advantages. These advantages are good voltage resistance, high operating frequency, long life, small size, lightweight, and especially long maintenance cycle. This vacuum contactor series provide best solution for your systems. You can see CKJ11 AC Vacuum Contactor specifications table below.
Operating Voltage 1500V (1.5kV)
Operating Current 160A
Rated Making Capacity (A/50 times) 1600A
Rated Breaking Capacity (A/50 times) 1280A
Limited Breaking Capacity (A/3 times) 1600A
Pick-up Power (W transient) 265
Hold Power (W transient) 30
Mechanical Life Time 1 x 106
Electrical Life Time 6 x 104
Control Power Voltage Options 220V
Auxiliary Contact 3 x NO + 1 x NC
Auxiliary Contact Capacity AC-15: Ue: AC380V le: 0.7A DC-13: Ue: DC220V le: 0.1A
Weight 3.83 kg
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