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OD22mm 1*1Gbps, 28*2A

OD22mm 1*1Gbps, 28*2A

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OD22mm 1*1Gbps, 28*2A, Capsule Slip Ring

The one of our capsule slip ring models. The OD22mm has 28 channels each with 2A operating current and carries 1gbps ethernet simultaneously.. Some of the areas of usage of OD22mm: robots, cameras and amusement park equipment.
Technical Specifications
Channels 28X2A/ 1• Gigabit Ethernet
Outer Diameter  22
Current Amp. (maximum)  ? 2A / Per ring
Operating voltage  ? 400VAC /DC
Electrical Interference  ? 0,01 ? (5 rpm, 6 VDC, 0,2 A)
Number of revolutions  0- 300 rpm
Operating temperature  -40°C to +80°C 
Connection Cable Length  1500 mm cable (Stator /Rotor)
Contact Material  Gold to Gold
Working Position  Vertical and Horizontal
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