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SPRING Machine Control

Pressure Transmitter - Spring Machine Control

Pressure Transmitter - Spring Machine Control

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Pressure Transmitter

  • It is specially produced by Danfoss for Spring with piezo-resistance technology.
  • It is robust and corrosion resistant thanks to its stainless steel body.
pressure transmitter measures the pressure of a fluid or gas and converts it into an electrical signal. This signal can then be used to control or monitor various industrial processes. The device consists of a sensing element, such as a diaphragm or bourdon tube, that responds to the pressure of the fluid or gas and a transducer that converts the movement of the sensing element into an electrical signal. The signal is then transmitted to a remote device for interpretation and control. When choosing a pressure transmitter, consider the specific requirements of the application such as pressure range, type of fluid or gas, accuracy and resolution, operating temperature, and the environment. Also, modern pressure transmitters come with digital communication interfaces to integrate with control systems and other devices. Pressure transmitters are an essential tool for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. Besides it ensuring safe and efficient operation by maintaining the correct pressure levels of fluids and gases.
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