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REC-PF-90-50cm Rectangle 360 Rotating Signboard

REC-PF-90-50cm Rectangle 360 Rotating Signboard

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Rectangle Rotating Signboard REC-PF-90-50cm is a signboard that can rotate 360 degrees without any limp. Thanks to the SLIPRING inside of this signboard, the lifetime of this item is become more longer and the wires do not complicate with each other. Application areas of this signboard:
  • Entry of a business center
  • Advertisement of a product or a company
  • Get interest in events and moreover...
Measurements (mm) 830x1070x200
Power 100 W
Weight 21 kg
Areas of Printing - A(mm) 860x460
Plexy measurement - B(mm) 500x900
Height of Flange - C(mm) 500
Width of Flange - D(mm) 170
Width of Foot - E(mm) 330
Total width – F(mm) 830
Height of Product - G(mm) 1070
Width of Body – H(mm) 200
REC-PF-90-50cm Rectangle Rotary Signboard

-Areas of usage

  • Applications of advertisement
  • In fair, exhibit, shoppping malls
  • Guideboards
  • Production of signboard
  • Areas of industry
  • Decoration and interior architecture
  • Decorative products
  • Direction plaques
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