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RODA JOR - X2 Series 3-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

RODA JOR - X2 Series 3-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

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RODA JOR - X2 Series 3-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

JOR – X2 Series triaxial joystick controller series is designed for applications requiring triaxial control with potentiometers in X, Y, and Z axes. Thanks to its strong structure and very compact dimensions, it has many industrial uses. With its flexible action mechanism and long lifetime, this product has a very low reset error. -  Single, Double, and Three-Axis Control -  Long Usage Time -  Economic -  Spring Return (To Center) Also available in two-axis (two-dimensional) and four-dimensional models, contact us for detailed information about these products.

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications

Joystick Axis Movement (X, Y-Axis) 50 ° Full Movement From Center 220 ° Full Movement From Center
Movement(Z-Axis) ± 45 ° from the center (90 ° Full Motion)
Potentiometer Resistance Values 5K? (50 °) 5K? (220 °)
Resistance Tolerance ± 20%
Independent Linearity ± 1%
Output Sensitivity 0.5% max
Mechanical Life 0.5x10?
Dielectric Strength 1min at 500Vac
Operating Temperature -20°C  to +65°C
Type / Dimensions Square Type L x W x H (40.4mm x 50mm x 84mm) Arm Length: 39.5mm Diameter (?): 41mm Square Edge: 40.4mm

Application Areas

  • Mobile Video Equipment and CCTV Camera Control Panels
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Medical Image Imaging Systems
  • Packaging Control Equipment
  • Robotic Applications
  • Industrial Control Equipment
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