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RODA JOR - X4 Series 4-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

RODA JOR - X4 Series 4-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

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RODA JOR - X4 Series 4-Axis Potentiometer Joystick

JOR – X4 Series joystick controller series is designed for applications requiring 4-axis control with potentiometers in X, Y, and Z axes and a button switch on the button handle. Thanks to its strong structure and very compact dimensions, it has many industrial uses. With its flexible action mechanism and long lifetime, this product has a very low reset error.
- 4 Axis Control
- Long Usage Time
- Pushbutton Switch
- Economic
- Spring Return (To Center)
Also available in two-axis (two-dimensional) and three-axis models, contact us for detailed information on these products.

Electrical & Mechanical Specifications

Joystick Axis Movement (X, Y-Axis) 50 ° Full Movement From Center(5K) 220 ° Full Movement From Center(5K) 220 ° Full Motion from Center (10K)
Movement(Z-Axis) ± 45 ° from the center (90 ° Full Motion)
Switch Value 500mA, 24VDC
Potentiometer Resistance Values 5K? (50 °) 5K? (220 °) 10K? (220 °)
Resistance Tolerance ± 20%
Independent Linearity ± 1%
Output Sensitivity 0.5% max
Mechanical Life 0.5x10?
Dielectric Strength 1min at 500Vac
Operating Temperature -15 ° C to + 80 ° C
Type / Dimensions Square Type L x W x H (40.4mm x 50mm x 94.5mm) Arm Length: 52,5mm Diameter (?): 41mm Square Edge: 40.4mm

Application Areas

  • Mobile Video Equipment and CCTV Camera Control Panels
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Medical Image Imaging Systems
  • Packaging Control Equipment
  • Robotic Applications
  • Industrial Control Equipment
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